Monday, August 14, 2006

Can Blue Boys Play the Whites

Dylann DeAnna is the force behind a very fine website Recently he wrote a review of Steven Seagal’s CD which some US blues publications seem to be genuflecting about as if it was a significant blues recording. Well Dylann’s review observed “"(Seagal’s CD) is honestly as good as half the Blues/Rock/whiteboyblues CDs on the market right now (but that ain't saying much)."

This led to an email that objected to the review ”The person that wrote this article is obviously a very prejudice ignorant (expletive) mother-(expletive) toward white man not "boy" blues. That was the first thing that pissed me off. We don't like being called boy, just like you don't like being called boy. Well let me tell you something you prejudice (expletive)-wipe. The white blues players are the ones that's keeping your music alive. Hell If it wasn't for us the blues would have been dead long ago. You should be on your knees thanking us for that. But my guess is that your the type of black that would ban whites from playing blues if you could. Remember Stevie Ray !! Huh ! Do ya!! he's the one that brought the blues back to the fore front.“

I think the email reveals more about the prejudices of the sender. Dylann’s astute response to this can be read at

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