Monday, January 15, 2007

The Blues is Alright Tour Is Coming

Just a heads up about a terrific tour of many of the leading acts on the Southern Blues Tour that will be making stops in a number of major cities. Acts include Roy C, Bobby Bland, J Blackfoot, Bobby Rush, Clarence Carter, Floyd Taylor and the Johnnie Taylor Revue, Latimore, Marvin Sease, Theodis Ealey, Sir Charles Jones, Mel Waiters and Shirley Brown.

Having seen the majority of acts, it looks like an incredible evening of music although given th revue nature of the show, if everyone performs, no one except a couple acts will get to do more than a few numbers. I should point out that there are some who do not consider this blues (see The Penguin Guide to Blues Recordings whose editors presumably like their blues bleached), but to many of us, especially the community out of which the blues arose, this is still the blues.

Here is the link: The Blues Is Alright Tour

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