Sunday, January 20, 2008

Memphis Gold - A Friend in Need

Wayne Kahn, a champion of the Washington Music Scene posted the following in his weekly email newsletter about Chester Chandler who performs under the name Memphis Gold. Memphis Gold fell out of a tree while engaging in his day job of tree removal, falling 40 or so feet. The picture of Memphis Gold is from his New Year's Eve performance in Falls Church, Virginia, which I believe was his last performance.

"Memphis Gold (Chester Chandler) Update
Memphis has been transferred to the William Donald Schaefer Rehabilitation Center at Kernan Hospital 2200 Kernan Drive Baltimore, Maryland
An operation last week inserted titanium rods into his spine to stabilize the area that suffered damage from his fall. He has a long and tough road of rehab ahead. He is in good sprits and appreciates all the good thoughts from fans & friends. He knows he is lucky to be alive. At this time he does not have feeling from the back of his calves down through his feet and it is too early to tell the extent of the damage and how much movement he will re-acquire. He can hold & play a guitar and has been writing some new songs. How about Out on a Limb? So everyone knows, the reason he was up in that tree was that was his day job - tree removal. He threw a safety line over a branch that snapped off.
If anyone can donate a laptop while he is in the hospital, it would be greatly appreciated. When he is not in therapy for these next 8 weeks, he needs to keep his mind busy. If you can help, please contact: Stacy Brooks at
Memphis Gold Fundraiser
DCBS will sponsor a Memphis Gold Fundraiser for the spectacular Blues singer and guitarist who has performed at numerous DC Blues Society events.
Saturday, February 9, 7pm–1am
Chick Hall's Surf Club
Cover: $10
All money raised at the benefit via raffles and donations will be contributed to Memphis Gold.
Dr. S.O. Feelgood is recruiting bands who will donate 30 minutes to the fundraiser. If you'd like to perform, contact Dr. Feelgood at (301) 322-4808.
Please come out and support Memphis Gold!
If you wish, you can send donations to:
Memphis Gold
c/o DCBS
P.O. Box 77315
Washington, DC 20013-7315."

I do add that gifts to Memphis Gold are not tax-deductible! Also I understand Bobby Parker will be among those performing.

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