Saturday, November 07, 2009

Can I Get An Amen

Nashville singer and guitarist Johnnie Jones' passed away recently and it unfortunately was unheralded somewhat.

Those having The Beat!!! DVDs (or just the Freddie King DVD from that show), he was the other guitarist in the house band besides Gatemouth Brown
and was a member of The King Casuals (I probably screwed up the name of the band) who also included Billy Cox and a young Jimi Hendrix.

Thanks to Fred James and others we are fortunate to have several recent recordings by him (Live at Lucerne with Charles Walker is a special gem
and I remember seeing him at the Poconos with Charles Walker as well as at the Ponderosa Stomp.

Jonny Meister has a Blues File podcast on Johnny's career and this can also be accessed from the itunes store.

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