Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh yes, those copyright blues.

Jazz Wax is a fascinating blog by Mark Myers.  Today he ran an interesting blog entry inspired by the donation of the Savory Collection to the National Jazz Museum which included some truly historical live recordings and includes this thought: "What you may not know is that a firestorm has been raging among the jazz cognoscenti since the news first broke in mid-August. At issue is whether the recordings will ever see the light of day commercially. There appears to be a hornet's nest of U.S. copyright issues looming. In addition, there's the very real threat that whatever the museum does release digitally will immediately be pirated by European record labels and sold here for less."

Mark Myers then in discussing this issue provides a concise discussion of the differences in copyright laws in the United States and Europe and provides the interesting thought questioning whether copyright law should be providing annuities to the grandchildren of the creator.

In addition to this he observes the new Maynard Ferguson Mosaic set and some recent Cds including a  concise review of Eden Brent's excellent new CD, Ain't Got No Troubles, as well as pianist-composer, Amina Figarova's Sketches.  Earlier this week, the blog ran a multi-part interview by Mark with Phil Schaap on Charlie Parker. This is a blog well worth following.

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