Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jason Moran at 2010 Rossyln Jazz Festival

Just a note of congratulations to pianist and composer Jason Moran who has just been awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship. Moran is a brilliant pianist and a remarkable composer as well. Additionally, he takes inspiration from classic recordings. In live performance he will play a Billie Holiday or Bert Williams recording and then he and his trio improvise off it. For example on his latest album "Ten" with his band The Bandwagon, he does a rendition of Williams' "Old Babies." At the Rossyln Jazz Festival on September 11, 2010, Moran played the century old recording by Williams which was the launching point for a remarkable improvisation. In addition to his own marvelous band, he also is a member of Charles Lloyd's quartet. Truly a remarkable pianist who has been celebrated with what is informally referred to as a genius grant.

Again, congratulations to Jason Moran.

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