Sunday, May 01, 2011

Lil Band 'O Gold at the Parish Room

Lil Band O' Gold, the Louisiana Band that is one of the best rock and roll bands in the world today (rock and roll, not rock I emphasize) played the Parish Room at the House of Blues in Louisiana on Friday, April 29.

Starting at around 10:30, they put on a terrific show that went straight on for over two hours doing many of the songs from their two CDs before closing with a fabulous rendition of Chuck Berry's "The Promised Land."

There were too many highlights, including Warren Storm's terrific take on Lil Bob's "I Got Loaded," as well C.C. Adcock taking us on a warp-speed rendition of Lazy Lester's "Sugar Coated Love," while Steve Riley led us for "The Cajun Twist." David Egan's "Spoonbread" gave all four a chance to sing although Adcock muffed his verse about going to Sabine River initially. But it exhibited the spontaneity and freshness of the performances.

Originally announced as a Tribute to Bobby Charles, it did include some of Charles' songs, but Adcock mentioned that he got a very long distance call from Charles saying they should do some of their own songs as well. Adcock, who served as announcer, the event, mentioned that despite the rumors there would be no special guests (Rumors had been that Robert Plant would be there), except Shannon McNally did join for several songs.

There was a terrific rendition of "Tennessee Blues" with her and Storm sharing the vocal and also "Before I Grow Too Old," done twice, once with her and once by the Band with Adcock taking the lead. Also Egan was quite moving in his rendition of "The Jealous Kind." The Band also did a strong rendition of "Street People."

The song list also included a group vocal on "Seven Nights to Rock," the John Fred recording "Shirley," "teardrops from the band's latest CD, "Dreamer (another nice Egan vocal," and Adcock's "Runaways Life." What a band and one I wish would make it to the Mid-Atlantic. Not strictly a blues band, but have more to do with blues than some so-called modern blues bands. Some festival promoters should take note.

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