Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Musical Living Joy of Véronneau

Based around the vocals of Quebec native Lynn Véronneau, Véronneau has established itself around the Washington DC area with its interesting blend of musical inspirations ranging from gypsy jazz, brazilian sambas, folk and Beatles. In addition to her, the group is comprised of Ken Avis on guitar, vocals and percussion, David Rosenblatt on guitar and percussion and Pete Walby on drums. On their self-produced recording Joy of Living (Véronneau Music), they are joined by David Kline's violin and
tenor saxophone.

Lynn Véronneau has a lovely voice immediately evident on the opening La Mer (known here in the States from Bobby Darin's recording Beyond the Sea), with the light backing of the guitars and drums and Kline's violin. She has a gift for Brazilian tunes including The Gentle Rain, Concovado, and One Note Samba, with the band providing subtle and complementary backing. This style is also present on the charming rendition of The Street Where You Live, with a nice single-note acoustic guitar solo as well as Kline's violin adding coloring. Saxophonist Antonuik adds a nice flavor on The Gentle Rain, that might suggest to some the Getz-Gilberto collaborations.

There is a enchanting rendition of the traditional Mexican Ranchera song, Cielito Lindo, that might be more familiar from performances of it by Mariachi Band and she also places her own stamp on Brazil. with her gentle longing beginning transformed into a lively samba. David Rosenblatt contributed an original instrumental Abertura do Verao (Opening of Summer), that is a lovely guitar duet, while Antoniuk returns for the lively closing "Blue Skies."

If there is a favorite selection on this, it may well be the lovely rendition of Lennon & McCartney's For No One, as she sings "she no longer needs you, in her eyes you see nothing," with a lovely violin break over the two-guitar accompaniment. The gentleness of the performance accentuates the heartache reflected in this classic Beatles number. She simply has a way of touching the listener's heart and this track may exemplify this best, but there is plenty of Joie de Vivre on this excellent recording.

Véronneau will be performing June 2 at the Creative Cauldron (www.creativecauldon.org) in Falls Church, Virginia.

I purchased this recording.

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