Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Debbie Davies Solid New Recording - After The Fall

Its been nearly two decades since Debbie Davies debuted on Blind Pig Records after leaving Albert Collins' Band. Over the ensuing period she has toured the world and established herself as a significant talent. She has her first new CD in several years on MC-Records, After The Fall and it displays the strengths her prior recordings and her performances exhibited.

After the Fall is produced by guitarist Dave Gross who guests on several tracks. The band includes drummer Don Castagno; bassists Mark Lindsey or Scott Hornick; and organist Bruce Katz. Catagno contributed to eight of the 11 songs (three by himself), while Davies wrote the other three and collaborated with him on three. This recording is dedicated to the late Robin Rogers who touched Debbie and countless others.

She is a singer in the Bonnie Raitt vein with a clean, relaxed vocal style that radiates her honesty and sincerity. Her guitar playing is deft, imaginative and able to display plenty of fire without being cluttered as she explores the relationships with lovers whether singing Don’t Put the Blame on Me, or singing that if one isn’t thinking one can’t fall, one ain’t thinking at all on The Fall, a more general about needing a helping hand to pick oneself off the ground.

True Blue Fool is a lovely ballad wistfully sung, while the mood shifts with the hot shuffle groove of Done Sold Everything, about times being tough and having sold everything and got no more and has got no more. Other standouts tracks include All of My Forgiveness, where if her man doesn’t say he is sorry, all of her forgiveness will be gone, and Goin’ To A Gaggle, with a rollicking second-line groove about partying all night with friends. I’ll Feel Much Better When You Cry, is a nice blues about her pain felt when her man left and hoping he feels that pain when someone walks out on him. R.R. Boogie, dedicated to the late Robin Rogers, is an imaginative instrumental with a tight groove and some sizzling single note runs.

Certainly anyone who has been a fan of Debbie Davies will not be disappointed by this release. After the Fall will be welcome by blues lovers of a diverse range of tastes. Recommended.

I received my review copy from the record label. Here is Debbie in performance.

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