Friday, November 09, 2012

Geils, Robillard and Beaudoin Have a New Guitar Summit

Stony Plain recently issued “Shivers,” the second collaboration of New Guitar Summit, comprised of guitarists Jay Geils, Duke Robillard and Gerry Beaudoin, Guitarist-vocalist Randy Bachman (of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Guess Who fame) guests on two Mose Allison songs included among the eleven selections.

While I have not heard the prior recording, my familiarity with Robillard led me to expect a swing-based session and obviously the earlier collaboration was successful enough to justify this sequel. And one can understand, as all three obviously love the easy swinging groove throughout this collection of jazzy blues, swing classics (the title track is from Charlie Christian and Lionel Hampton), and the pair of Mose Allison numbers.

One hears echoes of Christian and Grant Green (listen to the opening of Beaudoin’s original Blue Sunset). They take the old Thurston Harris R&B hit Little Bitty Pretty One and turn it into a swing romp, followed by a spiffy jam on Flying Home. They really rip into the old swing romp, Broadway. Bachman’s low-key vocal delivery really contributes to the mood of the two Mose Allison numbers, Your Mind Is On Vacation, and Everybody’s Crying Mercy and adds his distinctive guitar style on these selections. Honeysuckle Rose may be taken a bit too slow, but that is more a matter of preference and the playing here is very lovely, as it is on the closing Mediterranean Nights.

This album just brings some friends together for a blues-tinged, swinging disc that will deservedly have wide appeal. 

This review originally appeared in the October 2008 Jazz & Blues Report (Issue 309), although I have made a few minor edits. I likely received a review copy from a publicist. Here is a performance clip of the New Guitar Summit.

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