Sunday, February 24, 2013

RIP Magic Slim

PICT2125 Magic Slim by NoVARon
PICT2125 Magic Slim, a photo by NoVARon on Flickr. Taken at the 2004 Pocono Blues Festival by Ron Weinstock
RIP Magic Slim who passed away on February 21. What can one say about him other than he simply played some straight-ahead stomping, no holds barred Chicago Blues. A performer with a repertoire of who knows how many tunes, there was no pretense to his music as he would grind out his blues, singing in his gravelly voice while laying down some stinging guitar fills and solos. While his band members changed over the years, Slim and his band never deviated from his sound, which was one reason for his considerable appeal.

And he made numerous albums that at worst were simply good. A few CDs of Slim that I particularly recommend include Rough Dried Woman, which is compiled from various albums Slim recorded for Wolf; Spider In My Stew/the Zoo Bar Collection Volume 4 also on Wolf; Grand Slam on Rooster Blues; Raw Magic on Alligator: The Essential Magic Slim on Blind Pig; and Snakebite also on Blind Pig. He last album, Bad Boy, on Blind Pig  was a typically solid effort.

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