Friday, June 28, 2013

Little Willie Littlefield at the 2009 Ponderosa Stomp

2009_Ponderosa_Stomp_Night_1-1021-Edit by NoVARon
2009_Ponderosa_Stomp_Night_1-1021-Edit, a photo by NoVARon on Flickr. Copyright Ron Weinstock
Sad to hear the news that Little Willie Littlefield passed away on June 23 in Holland at the age of 81. The Texas born pianist and singer was part of the West Coast blues scene of the late forties and early fifties and his music was in the vein of Ivory Joe Hunter, Charles Brown, Amos Milburn and Floyd Dixon. He is best known for his recordings of "K.C. Lovin'" (better known as "Kansas City" from Wilbert Harrison's monster hit) and "Ruby Ruby" but outstanding recordings he made for Modern and Federal included "Happy Payday" and "Its Midnight." He had been living in Holland for the last 35 years and rarely performed in the US in this period. I was lucky to see him perform at the 2009 Ponderosa Stomp where his solo performance had a vigor that belied his age. RIP.

Here is Little Willie Littlefield performing "Kansas City"and a performance with Candye Kane.

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