Friday, September 20, 2013

2013-0919 Nasar Abadey at Museum of American Art-9190316

2013-0919 Nasar Abadey at Museum of American Art-9190316 by NoVARon
Nasar Abadey and Supernova® were the featured performers at the Museum of American Art's monthly Take 5 series of Jazz Concerts on Thursday evening, September 19, 2013. The them of this concert was Jazz and the Civil Rights movement as the master drummer-composer Abadey led his quintet through jazz compositions inspired by the Civil Rights Movement, including works by Max Roach, Charles Mingus, John Coltrane, Cal Massey and Allyn Johnson.

With Abadey were pianist Allyn Johnson, bassist James King, saxophonist Joe Ford, and trumpeter DonVonte Mccoy for some excellent music. I only was there for the first of two sets when they opened with Charles Mingus' "Work Song," continued with a Cal Massey composition whose title I forgot, continued with Coltrane's "Alabama" and the set concluded with an Allyn Johnson composition "Four Voices Silenced." I am not sure about if the name of this latter composition is correct and will correct when I have fuller information. On this last number, they were joined by vocalist Navasha Daya for an extraordinary performance that concluded a remarkable set.

While this was recorded and filmed from the audience, this group and their performance of this material certainly needs to be memorialized and I know I would welcome a CD of this group performing this material.

Simply outstanding. Here are a few addition photos from this performance.

Navasha Daya singing with Allyn Johnson on piano, Joe Ford on alto sax, DonVonte McCoy on trumpet, Nasar Abadey on drums. Not visible is bassist James King
James King

Navasha Daya

Allyn Johnson

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