Monday, August 25, 2014

Dave Hurricane Hoerl Un-Twisted

Born in San Francisco, but resident of Vancouver, British Columbia for over three decades, harmonica player and singer Dave “Hurricane” Hoerl is best known as a member of the jump blues band, The Twisters. Un-Twisted on Full Swing is his first solo recording and  has him backed by members of The Twisters and others. Hoerl’s originals and covers are supported by Double D (Dave Dykhuizen) on a variety of guitars; Chip Hart on drums; Roger Brant - Fender bass; Dave “Cob” Webb on Piano and Hammond Organ; Johnny Ferreira on Soprano and Tenor Sax; James “Buddy” Rogers on – guitar; Brandon Isaak on guitar and Keith Picot on upright bass.

No track displays the direct character of Hoerl’s music better than Pure & Simple Blues, as he proclaims that when is by one self, play some some of that pure & simple blues, and music for the head may leave him cold but what sets his spine a tingle must come from the heart. Nothing fancy with the simple shuffle beat and guitar backing for his singing and assured harp playing followed by Double D’s sharp lap steel solo.   The opening Soul Mate is a love song to his wife with a lazy Jimmy Reed style shuffle rhythm. He gets energetic singing O.V. Wright’s I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled and Crazy, with Webb’s Hammond B-3 adding to this track.

Snake Charmer has an amusing lyric about a belly dancer, with Hoerl on chromatic harp while Ferreira adds fills as well as takes a serpentine solo on soprano saxophone. The peppy Grand Old Game (with a Bo Diddley groove) is a rare new song celebrating the sport of baseball while She Took Back Her Heart, is a lament about a sweet love that has soured. The recording closes with a charming, short solo harmonica rendition of I Left My Heart In San Francisco.

David Hoerl is an amiable singer and a fine harmonica player with a crisp attack and tone, but also displaying a definite melodic quality in his playing. With supple, straight-forward backing, he has produced a small gem with Un-Twisted. Un-Twisted can be purchased from cdbaby and itunes.

Unfortunately shortly before this CD was issued, Hoerl suffered a massive stroke that left him hospitalized and fighting for his life. As with many stroke victims, his future is uncertain. He is currently under great care in hospital and will soon be moved to a long-term care facility. Benefits are being held for him and folks can send funds through paypal. His website is and has information on how folks can donate funds to assist him. There is also a Facebook page with more information,

I received a download of the CD for review from a publicist.  Here is a video clip of Dave “Hurricane” Hoerl performing, from 2011.

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Don O. said...

Thanks Ron. Didn't know this was out or anything about his recent stroke. I've been a fan of his for a long time.