Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bobby Blue Bland Live & Righteous 1992

Among recent blues and rhythm recordings issued on the Rock Beat label is a nineties live recording of Bobby Blue Bland, Live & Righteous 1992. The CD contains 13 selections from the Hotel Meridien in Paris from 1992 and four selections from a performance in Indianapolis in 1992. Mark Humphrey provides a concise overview of Bland's life and career but no specific dates are provided or personnel listed. These are likely air checks as indicated from some French narration over the performance from Paris. During the track entitled "I Don't Know," (actually the song known as Grits Ain't Groceries or 24 Hours a Day), the personnel are introduced although guitarist Mark Lee's named is mentioned several times.

The 1992 selections are particularly nice representatives of the "World's Greatest Blues Singer" as one might have heard in the early 1990s. The repertoire is fairly representative including Today I Started Loving You Again, Share Your Love With Me, Bill Withers' Ain't No Sunshine. You've Got To Hurt Before You Heal, and Members Only. A high point is the medley entitled Sunday Morning Love/Stormy Monday that also segues into Drifting Blues at the end. Bland's voice is typical. If he no longer possessed the range of his younger days and his squeals became squawks, his phrasing and intonation still invested his performances with real depth.

The Indianapolis selections include briefs renditions of That's The Way Love Is, Further On Up the Road, and I Pity The Fool, along with a workout on Soon As the Weather Breaks. Audio throughout is acceptable and certainly this  will appeal to Bobby's fans, even if it is not essential.

I purchased this. Here is Bobby and B.B. King on Soul Train from the seventies.

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