Friday, January 15, 2016

Dalannah and Owen Been Around A While

The Canadian duo of Dalannah and Owen is likely to raise comparisons to the jazz duo of Tuck and Patti, with the pairing of a vocalist against a string instrumentalist. In this case, the classically and jazz trained bassist and composer Owen Owen Owen backs the dusky tones of Dalannah Gail Bowen. Bowen, who was born of African-Canadian / Cherokee heritage,  has been a part of the Canadian blues, rock and soul scene for almost 50 years. This British Columbia duo made it to the finals of the International Blues Challenge and their Quest Records debut as a duo "Been Around A While." provides an indication of what makes their unique take on blues so appealing.

With the austere, sometimes stark backing of Owen, Dalannah is a most expressive singer whose nearly five decades of performing is reflected in the manner in which she wrings new meaning of such familiar numbers as Louis Jordan's forties hit "Early in the Morning," as well as her take on Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen." She has lived things and seen both the good and bad as she tells us in the opening title track with Owen displaying considerable virtuosity with a guitar-ish sounding solo (sounding overdubbed), nor does she put up with what her man is trying to do on "That Ain't It."

The way Dalannah stretches the lyrics along with her smoky voice can really grab one's attention on "Blues, Mother Of Sin." as well as get seductive on the slow, dirty dancing "Queen Bee." Of note are the renditions of Marvin Gaye's "Inner City Blues," and B.B. King's "Why I Sing The Blues," where Dalannah's compelling voice remind us of the continuing relevance of the songs.

"Been Around A While" is fascinating, often spellbinding, with Dalannah's moving, evocative vocals and Owen's simple, backing.

I received my review copy from a publicist.  This review appeared in the January-February 2016 Jazz & Blues Report (Issue 364). Here they are performing "Come On In My Kitchen."


Patricia Ward said...

This is SO the blues at their best! Prayers for Dalannah's complete recovery. Thanks for sharing this.

owen owen owen said...

She has made a full recovery and we are currently writing tracks for our follow up CD. Stay tuned and thanks for your compliments and well wishes..