Friday, June 23, 2017

Nick Schnebelen Live in Kansas City

Nick Schnebelen
Live in Kansas City

This is a follow-up to "Live at Knuckleheads," and features one of the members of the family band, Trampled Under Foot, leading a trio with Cliff Moore on bass, and Adam Hagerman on drums (I am taking this information of Nick's website as no other her personnel is given on the CD cover), although some tracks like the closing "Conformity Blues," sounds like additional musicians are present. Moore was on that earlier album which also featured Heather Newman. From the credits, most of the songs may have originally been by Trampled Under Foot with a few interesting covers.

Musically, this recording comes across as blues-rock. He is a limited singer who certainly invests his vocals with heart, although with a small range. He is quite a guitarist, combining technique, tone and imagination in the power blues-rock trio format heard here. Taken in small doses, tracks like the opening "Fool," with its field holler opening transitioning to a driving blues-rock, the cover of "Herbert Harper's Free Press News" (from the infamous "Electric Mud" album), and the sparkling slide guitar he plays "Bad Woman Blues" set to the Bo Diddley groove, certainly stand-out. There is more slide on a hyper-kinetic cover of Johnny Winter's "Mean Town Blues," and then the Z.Z. Top sounding boogie "Johnny Cheat." However, "Bad Disposition" comes off musically as a bit over the top. The closing "Conformity Blues," is musically the most interesting track with superb guitar and a feel in the manner of the Allman Brothers

Those coming to hear Nick Schnebelen's impressive blues-rock guitar playing will not be disappointed, although some, like this listener, will enjoy the music here is a few songs at a time.

I received my review copy from VizzTone. Here is Nick performing "Bad Woman Blues" and "Mean Town Blues."

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