Monday, February 26, 2018

Veronneau Love & Surrender

Love & Surrender
Veronneau Music

The acoustic trio Veronneau are back with a new album (their fourth) that building on their critically acclaimed and popular world-jazz repertoire. French Canadian vocalist Lynn VĂ©ronneau, with guitarists Ken Avis and David Rosenblatt take the listener around the globe, blending samba, French chanson, bossa nova and swing into a genre-defying musical feast. On this they are joined by long-time collaborator British violinist Dave Kline; their regular touring percussionist from Brazil, Bruno Lucini; and other guest musicians from Senegal, Nigeria, the UK and US on a program of five originals along with five intriguing interpretations.

Lynn Veronneau is an alluring vocalist with her honey-toned singing and phrasing well supported by the two guitarists. Kline's violin adds to the funky, samba feel of the opening "Song of Love," with a wonderful solo (by Rosenblatt I believe) and followed by the title track, a lovely ballad sung with a touch of heartbreak, with the kora of Amadou Kouyate adding some delightful musical coloring. There is the charm of a lovely French waltz, Serge Gainsbourg's "La Javanise," with Kline's violin and Tom King's accordion filling out the backing here. I believe Rosenblatt composed "September Moon," a winsome instrumental with the sound of the guitars embellished by Avis' harmonica and Lynn's whistling.

The rendition of Alberto DomĂ­nguez's "Perfida," a song of love and betrayal, has a melody that will be familiar to many. It is sung in Spanish with flamenco-accented guitar trading lines with violin,. It is followed by Lynn's haunting vocals on the standard "Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most," with exquisite backing and then Jim Webb's "The Moon's A Harsh Mistress," both of which display her interpretative skills with a lyric. Brazilian 7-string guitarist JP Silva joins Lynn for a appealing vocal duet on the French-Portuguese mashup "Voce Abusou/Fais Comme L’Oiseau," before "Waltz For Youssef," another marvelous original, that closes a engaging recording that is full of charm, lyricism and superb performances.

I purchased this from Veronneau. Here is an early (pre-CD) performance of "Love & Surrender." There website is


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