Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Little Milton at 2005 North Atlantic Blues Festival

Little Milton 025_27, originally uploaded by NoVARon.

An image of the Late Little Milton, taken at last year's 2005 North Atlantic Blues Festival. It turned out to be his final performance. This weekend, a I type this, the North Atlantic Blues Festival takes place. It was a typically fine set of music of a person who always retained a loyal audience but never was able to cross-over and gain the larger audience his talent deserved. A great songwriter and performer, over five decades he made some timeless and influential recordings and thrilled audiences over the world.

I have posted four Black & White pictures from that performance on my site,

The pictures were likely taken using a Leica M6 or a Bessa R2 and a Leica 90/2.8 Tele-elmarit and 35/2 or 50/2 Summaron lenses.

Here is a link to my set of pictures from that Festival which will be augmented.

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