Friday, July 21, 2006

Theodis Ealey at Lamont's

Theodis Ealey IMG_0559, originally uploaded by NoVARon.

Theodis Ealey has been a veteran on the blues and southern soul circuit. In the nineties he had some wonderful recordings for the Ichiban label. I saw him open for and accompany the terrific Trudy Lynn at the Poconos over a decade ago but with the demise of Ichiban, Ealey's profile was less visible. A couple years ago, he had a smash soul-blues hit, "Stand Up in It" which has produced numerous reply songs as Theodis explains what this woman told him about making a woman never want to elave you. He continues to write great songs whether soulful party dance songs like "Don' tcha Wanna Party" as well as delivers his old blues like "Going Back to Hurtsville." HE protests that he isn't a southern soul singer but rather a blues singer and lays down some mean licks that partly refelect his Mississippi origins, but based around Atlant, he sings so soulfully and can get a crowd ip onj its feet and moving with his music. There are more photos of this perfromance as well as others on this show from June 17 on my blog,

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