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Ron Thompson Needs the Blues World's Help

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I have known about Ron Thompson from backing various down home bluesmen like School Boy Cleve for the Blues Connesseur label. He backed KC Douglas for a wonderful Arhoolie album and was part of the late John Lee Hooker's Coast to Coast band as well as a member of Mick Fleetwood's Blue Whale (I believe that is the name) with whom I saw him at Fleetwood's, in Alexandria in the 1990s.

This was taken dueing the 2006 Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise where he displayed his own strong singing and playing (He is quite a pianist as well as guitarist). I have also enjoyed his excellent recordings which are available on

In any event, Ron recently sent out an email blast, Thursday February 26, to his fans including me:

"As you may have heard, Ron Thompson suffered a physical setback recently. But the good news is that he is on the mend!

On Thursday, February 19th, Ron was admitted to Saint Rose Hospital in Hayward with a severe case of pneumonia—so severe that the bacteria went into his bloodstream. Ron spent four days in the hospital, part of that time in ICU, but sprang back quickly, thanks to the excellent care of the Saint Rose medical team. Ron would like to thank Dr. Pat Hybarger (of Kaiser San Rafael), Dr. Anna Saenz of San Francisco, Dr. Ramiro Garcia, Peggy (sorry we don't know your last name!) and all the other St Rose nursing staff who basically saved his life.

Ron was released from the hospital on Sunday, February 22nd, and is expected to make a full recovery. He is taking a long overdue and well-needed recess from performing, but should be back in the saddle soon!

When times get tough, you know who your friends are, and Ron has so many wonderful friends! He needs each and every one at this time to help him cope with all this, including addressing a rather astonishing hospital bill and being able to make the rent payment while he's recuperating.

Angels from every part of California and also Colorado are jumping forward to help, as several fund-raising benefits are in the works already. If you would like to help, by offering your musical talents, your organizing skills, or providing items for auction/raffle—please get in touch with the contact(s) listed below.

If you would like to host your own benefit to help Ron through this financial crunch, just email or call Jackie McCort, Ron's business manager, at or 510.693.8277, so that we can add your event to the list and notify folks in your area.

A special bank account has been set up specifically for Ron's medical bills at Bank of America in Hayward CA . To make a donation, please send checks payable to:

“Ron Thompson, Account #0014-73814”
Bank of America
1200 “A” Street
Hayward CA 94544

We will be setting up a “one click” method for donations through Ron's website in the next few days. If you would prefer to contribute online, please check the website in a day or so."

The next day he emailed us to express his gratitude for the genrousity of his fans and freinds.

"Words cannot even express the gratitude that Ron has for the avalanche of love and support that is rolling in right now! It is unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then some. When the dust settles, Ron wants to acknowledge and give back to all of you WONDERFULLY GENEROUS people!"

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