Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snooks Eaglin at 2007 JazzFest Day 2-299

JazzFest 07 Day 2-299
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I have become jaded over the years, but few acts could continually astonish me as much as the late Snooks Eaglin who passed away this year at the age of 72 in New Orleans. While he recorded with Smiley Lewis and on his own for Imperial as a R&B musician, folklorist Harry Oster recorded him as a blind street singer that misled many as to the extent of his talents. He reemerged with some performances and recordings with Professor Longhair as well as a Scandinavian recording that paired him with New Orleans musicians including pianist Ellis Marsalis. Called the human jukebox, he could play thousands of tunes and always brought something new. I saw him only a handful of times, but he was one act I would not miss if I could help it. JazzFest can bring national touring acts, but these acts are a dime a dozen. Who will they bring in that can replace Snooks. No one. RIP Snooks. Your music will continue to astonish us every time we play it.

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