Friday, July 03, 2009

Buckwheat Zydeco at Duke Ellington Jazz Festival

The following is an excerpt of an article I did on the 2009 Duke Ellington Festival as it related to the June 14, 2009 performance by Buckwheat Zydeco currently celebrating 30 years of performing as among the top zydeco acts anywhere. He will be closing out the main stages at the Pocono Blues Festival, Sunday, July 27, 2009 ay Big Boulder Mountain in Lake Harmony, PA.

"Its been thirty years since Stanley Dural has assumed the mantle of Buckwheat Zydeco and has been playing the creole music throughout the world, extending the musical base that Clifton Chenier, his one-time employer created. His band included his son Reginald on frottoir (the rubboard), Paul ‘Lil Buck’ Sinegal (also a veteran of Clifton Chenier’s Red Hot Louisiana Band) and Olivier Sciazec on guitar, and Lee Allen Zeno on bass. Buckwheat Zydeco got the crowd rocking and dancing with his opening “Party Down,” followed by a nice “Walking to New Orleans” where a member of the audience got to help him play the accordion.. Pacquito D’Rivera on alto saxophone joined the band for a rousing “Hot Tamale Baby,” while Buckwheat laid down the accordion for a rousing B-3 organ instrumental. Then he followed with the title track of his new CD “Jackpot,” with it’s refrain “I’ve Always Been Lucky, I Hit the Jackpot With You,” There was also a reggae tinged groove on”Why Can’t We Live Together,” with its plea for love and happiness. Really nice set by one of the standard bearers for zydeco."

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