Sunday, July 12, 2009

A ripping "Tennessee Waltz"

I was surfing TV and came across CMT's program "Can You Duet?" and one of the contestants was one Avalon Peacock and her partner was Ryan Larkins and they launched into a marvelous rendition of "Tennessee Waltz." Avalon is the daughter of Annette Peacock and also a photographer. I wish I could shoot as well as she does. Enjoy.

I originally had Avalon as Gary Peacock's daughter but she corrected to me. Annette was married to Gary and kept the surname after the marriage dissolved, and is a significant composer, musician and much more. In any event, Avalon is a wonderful singer as this video makes clear.

1 comment:

Avalon said...

Hey there,
Thanx for posting this. We appreciate the support!
I just wanted to fix some facts in your blog.
Gary Peacock was my mothers (Annette Peacock) first husband...
She and I just decided to keep it. It's my middle name, and use it as my alias in the music industry.
So there you have it... A little piece of inside information.