Saturday, January 07, 2012

Memphis Blues Party From Bukka White and Furry Lewis

Arcola Records has issued a wonderful recording by Furry Lewis, Bukka White and Friends, Party! At Home. Recorded in Memphis in July 1968, the first two selections by Bukka White were recorded at Albino Red’s, and the last three by Furry were recorded in Furry’s apartment. The majority came from a party at Furry’s Apartment and while the performances by the two blues legends are typically lively ones, they benefit from banter with friends.

What’s nice while there are familiar songs from both, there are some interesting choices. For example we get to hear White redo Lightnin’ Hopkins’ Hello Central( from the session at Albino Red's), Give Me 49, in White’s lively percussive, driving style along with White doing Drifting Blues and other numbers with Lewis adding encouragement. Lewis does a typically fine rendition of John Henry as well as Let Me Call You Sweetheart from the party as well as a fine rendition of his Kassie Jones from the other session.

As indicated, both White and Lewis sound real good here and the informality of the party setting adds to the spirit of the performances here. Recommended.

This is an older review from 2007 and originally appeared in the March-April 2007 Jazz & Blues Report (Issue 291). I purchased this CD.

Here is Bukka and then Furry.

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