Thursday, February 02, 2017

Brothers Brown Dusty Road

Brothers Brown
Dusty Road
Funky Joint Records

A new roots rock band, Brothers Brown brings together a variety of blues, country, soul, jazz and other musical elements for a musical experience that might suggest The Band (although they are not on The Band's level). The Brothers Brown are fronted by two musicians named Paul Brown, one is a double Grammy winning producer, guitarist, singer and songwriter from Los Angeles and the other is a Grammy nominated producer, keyboardist and songwriter based in Nashville. The band is completed by a virtuosic rhythm section that also calls Nashville home: bassist David Santos and drummer Peter Young. They have just issued "Dusty Road" on Funky Joint Records that is distributed by Larry Carlton's 335 Records.

There is plenty to like about this recording. Guitarist-singer Brown has an appealing voice with a bit of grain, with his relaxed delivery combining with the nicely paced backing. His bluesy guitar is complemented by the keyboardist Brown whose greasy playing contrasts with the effective, sparse guitar leads and a terrific rhythm duo. A particular favorite track is the low-key "Love Sake" as Brown asks his women to tell him the truth and be real, and don't show him love just for love's sake, and one of these days things will come back to her, with a terrific organ solo and a brief jazz-inflected break.

When guitarist Brown gets to showcase his playing as on "When All Is Said And Done," where his prickly tone, use of space and his construction of his solo stands out while the organ adds some greasy accents. "Can't Outrun The Blues" also benefits from guitarist Brown's restrained vocals and guitar and even if the organist Brown plays with a bit more heat and adding swells of sound to the performance, there is a delightful relaxed qualities to these performances. Bassist Santos takes the vocal on the country-tinged "The River," a song about a journey through aging, love, solace and the quest for joy.

Its a refreshing to listen to such a nicely constructed release with solid original songs that are sung with warmth, feeling and restraint, and marvelously played with thoughtful soloing and solid ensemble playing. Brothers Brown's "Dusty Road" is a real good, delightful roots stew of blues, country, and more.

I received my review copy from a publicist. This review originally appeared in the March-April 2016 Jazz & Blues Report (Issue 365). Here is a video for this album.

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