Sunday, February 12, 2017

Scott Taylor Blues Kitchen

Scott Taylor
Blues Kitchen
Fetal Records

I became familiar with Scott Taylor from a promising recording by a group Electrofied. His new release "Blues Kitchen" features the guitar and bass of Tony Fazio who also recorded this. Others on this are Greg Phillips on drums (Eric Selby on a couple tracks) and Charlie Sayles who adds harmonica on a few tracks. Taylor and Fazio co-wrote ten of the eleven songs (Taylor wrote the other).

Taylor, on a set of fairly straight blues, again shows himself to be a nuanced, powerful singer with a definite personality. Fazio is a capable guitarist and Charlie Sayles enlivens the selections he is on. Despite these positives, the backing is generally basic and skeletal and the performances sound like demos as opposed to finished recordings that would have more vibrancy in the backing. Taken in small samples, this is not much of an issue. However, listening to several tracks at once, and one will notice this. This is a shame, because one can imagine how much more powerful an album this would have been if a fuller band had been employed, along with engineering for a more vibrant sound.

I received from Fetal Records. Here is Scott Taylor performing with Electrofied.

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