Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Blue Blues

The trip from Falls Church to PoMonkey MD for the Southern Soul Explosion at Lamont's was well worth it. It was a day of classic R&B ('For Your Precious Love', 'Rainbow', 'Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean') mixed in with songs about making one's lover get freaking (Big G's 'Freaky Groove'), songs about marital misbehavior (Roy C with a long rap as he tells the story of 'Infidelity, Georgia), songs about not being able to satisfy one's lover (Big G trying to find a Dr. John about making him bigger where it mattered), Marvin Sease telling us it isn't the equipment, but how one uses it and dance numbers (Big G's 'Two Step').
This is not to say every song was about these themes, but these were prevalent. There was really good singing and the bands were very fine, including some Washington DC area treasures that are often ignored here such as Lil Margie & Jacques 'Saxman' Johnson. Lil Margie really can hit the high notes as well as the Billy Stewart stutter.
Meanwhile, at least twice during the show, women commandeered the men's room. Denise Lasalle would have loved it. I just remembered she is coming to Lamont's July 15.

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