Saturday, June 24, 2006

Mitch Miller caught watching Muddy?

I finally started looking at the recently issued Muddy Waters DVD, Classic Concerts. The first of the three concerts is from Muddy’s appearance at the 1960 Newport Jazz Festival and in addition to some excellent music, there is a scene during the encore of Muddy and others doing Mean Mistreater and Goin’ to Chicago Blues (while Jimmy Rushing is singing) that a short scene to the back stage shows a goateed older gentleman with a striking resemblance to Mitch Miller taking in the music. For those having the video its somewhere around the 22:45 to 23:00 mark on this part of the disc.

Just something I found interesting and I suspect I am not the first to observe that.
Here is the link to the amazon page on this:

Otherwise go to do a DVD search for Muddy waters and it will come up.

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