Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Otis Spann's Blue Horizon sides

Just a heads up on the new reissue of Otis Spann, The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions that is available with the single he recorded with Willie Dixon's Chicago All Stars (Can't Do No Good and Bloody Murder) with Spann replacing Sunnyland Slim, and the remainder (including Hungry Country Girl which charted) which included various members of Fleetwood Mac (notably Peter Green and John McVie on almost every track) and drummer SP Leary. As a Complete Sessions, a number of alternate takes are included and some false starts and incomplete takes too, but the music will certainly delight other Spann enthusiasts besides myself. Just something how Spann played and sang that really grabbed one, just like the music of Muddy Waters or Elmore James. There are some rough spots in some of the takes but this does not detract from the Excellent examples of Spann's music. Also Peter Green's guitar on most of this shows why he was so highly regarded by so many back then.

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