Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013-0112 Hayes Greenfield at Smalls-1120394

Part of my short weekend in New York City, my wife and I went to Smalls, a jazz club in Greenwich Village that I have watched performances of at the club's website. Performing that night was The Hayes Greenfield - Roger Rosenberg group with Greenfield on alto sax, Rosenberg on baritone and soprano sax, Dean Johnson on bass and Scott Naumann on drums.

This was some nice music in an Ornette infleucned vein including a couple of nice renditions of Monk compositions, "Well You Need It" and "Monk's Mood" (on which the bassist Johnson was featured) and an Ornette tribute number in which Naumann was quite lively.

There was wonderful soloing and group interplay. It was a nice cap of three days in the Big Apple.

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