Monday, January 21, 2013

Snooks Eaglin JazzFest 07 Day 2-289

JazzFest 07 Day 2-289 by NoVARon
JazzFest 07 Day 2-289, a photo by NoVARon on Flickr.
Today is the anniversary of the birth of the great Snooks Eaglin. I remember standing next to the poet, radio announcer and activist John Sinclair at what is now the Gentilly Stage and kidding John about Snooks, on a live recording that was on a wwoz CD, calling him out and saying I want to see you dance. Well at this performance the first thing Snooks says before he launches into his set is "Sinclair, you out there? I want to see you dance." Snooks was one of a kind.

My recommendation for a Snooks album is the Black Top release Out of Nowhere that was reissued by Shout Factory and which is available from amazon as a cd-r. You may be able to find vendors selling the original CD as used or a collectable. It is well worth trying to locate. I previously posted reviews of several of his albums including Snooks Live in Japan.

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