Thursday, August 09, 2018

Laurie Morvan Gravity

Laurie Morvan
Screaming Lizard Records

This is the sixth album from singer, guitarist and songwriter Laurie Morvan for which she enlisted Tony Braunagel to produce. He also plays drums here along with keyboards from Mike Finnigan, Jim Pugh, and Barry Goldberg, and bass from Bob Glaub. They back Morvan on varied blues and blues-rock songs, with the keyboardists adding texture and contrast to Morvan's vocals and fretwork.

The album opens with a high stepping Texas styled blues-rock shuffle, "My Moderation," displaying her singing (comparisons might be made to Stevie Nicks but Morvan sings more openly) and her strong guitar playing that is noteworthy for the clarity of her playing and the logical manner she develops her solos. Finnigan adds some saucy B-3 grease here. Searing guitar opens "Stay With Me," with a tinge of Magic Sam's song in the song's structure with a fervent vocal. Barry Goldberg adds piano on a crisply played shuffle, "Money Talks," while "The Extra Mile" showcases her use of the wah-wah pedal on a volatile blues-rock solo.

The title track has a memorable lyric of "Gravity was nothing, until you gave it a piece of your mind," with a reflective vocal and a nuanced, solo, while "Dance In The Rain," is built on a bass line that suggests classic Jr. Walker as she sings about life feeling like a hurricane with troubles thundering down and one must weather the storm and dance in the rain. Again her fiery guitar is supported by the tight backing. Then she addresses overcoming adversity on "Gotta Dig Deep," and then transcending heartbreak on "The Man Who Left Me." "Too Dumb To Quit" has atmospheric slide guitar (also using the wah-wah pedal) as she questions why she stays with someone who is bad for her and she should be running away to save her mind.

Laurie Morvan makes her mark throughout "Gravity" with her heartfelt singing and strong, driving guitar playing supported by a fine studio band.

I received my review copy from a publicist. Here she performs "Dance In The Rain."

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