Saturday, August 11, 2018

Tomislav Goluban feat. Toni Starešinić Velvet Space Love

Tomislav Goluban feat. Toni Starešinić
Velvet Space Love

An intriguing recording by these two Croatian musicians who perform eight originals, three remixes and once cover. Harmonica player Goluban who comes from a blues background is collaborating here with Starešinić who plays a variety of keyboards here is mostly involved in jazz combined with electronic, rock, funk, soul and hip-hop. The publicity for this recording states, "They all combine a classic piano sound, keyboards and a harmonica. In this 'space dance' Goluban and Starešinić combine blues, jazz and electronic, yet flerting (sic) with other styles." Various musicians join on various selections to help sustain the mood of various selections.

The performances here are sound scapes more so than songs starting with the opening "Zero Gravity," where Goluban's harmonica lines are set against the electronic sounds of his partner with time seemingly suspended. Vlado Simcich Vana adds guitar tones adding to sound textures of "Space Drive" as Goluban's horn-like harmonica lines are set against Starešinić's synthesized textures. Goluban adds jewharp and a shaker to his harmonica on the haunting "My Jupiter Mistress," with a jazzy electronic keyboard solo.

On "Hypersleep Dream," there is nice bluesy harmonica played against a synthesized organ backing with Josipar Loncar adding a wordless vocal moan. Electric and acoustic guitar, and drums are added to another spacey track, "10 9 3." while "The Busiest Woman I Ever Loved," is a blues instrumental with Goluban's impressive harmonica playing along with a taut electric piano solo and punchy horns.  "Till the End of Time and Space," is a fascinating duet between harmonica and electronic instruments."Zero Gravity Remix" sounds like the harp is taken out of the mix and replaced by various electronic sounds.

The album closes with echoey, moody harmonica set against the electronic on a cover of Ennio Morricone's "Man With a Harmonica," providing a fresh approach to music that may have been composed for a 'Spaghetti' Western. While one can hear the blues roots in Goluban's accomplished harmonica playing, little of the fascinating music here can be described as blues. The performances here will appeal most to those interested in electronic music, though others hopefully will sample the fascinating sounds here.

I received my review copy from a publicist. Here is "The Busiest Woman I Ever Loved."

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